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Performance will make up part of your assesment. There are some key points to think about while performing and rehearsing which will help you to do well.


Choose the music carefully. Pick a piece that shows off your skills. Don’t choose a piece that is too difficult. You will get a higher mark for playing an easier piece accurately and musically.

Practise, practise, practise (especially the tricky bits).

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Concentrate on preparing a musical performance. Look carefully at the performance directions. What does the composer ask you to do? Think about:

  • Tempo - are you playing at the right speed? Are you observing the tempo changes?
  • Dynamics - are you making the most of crescendos and diminuendos, and contrasts between loud and soft?
  • Phrasing - is it a long phrase or a short phrase? Are you breathing/bowing in the right place? Should it be staccato or legato?

Are you in tune with the accompaniment? Are you in tune with yourself? If you need an accompanist, get one and practise with them in plenty of time. You might be surprised how different the piece feels.

Play to an audience before the event. Have at least one rehearsal in the venue you will be playing in.

On the day, arrive fully prepared with your instrument in good working order and the music in your bag. Warm up and tune up before you play.

Calming nerves

  • Put your instrument down, hands by your sides and take deep breaths.
  • Focus on the piece when you are playing.
  • Stand with your feet apart and look confident.

Don’t worry about little slips, keep going.

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