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Role play: Shopping

Sample answers with teacher's comments

Compare what Colm and Róisín said in this role play and find out why the teacher gave Róisín a higher mark.

1.Dia duit ar maidin. An dtig liom cuidiú leat? Good morning. Can I help you?

Colm does not bother to answer the shopkeeper's greeting. He choses the easiest way of giving the message and merely states what he wants to buy. He omits the word 'box' which is part of the task.

Róisín gives a full answer. She replies to the shopkeeper's greeting and communicates everything she is asked for in the task.

2. Seo duit. Ar mhaith leat rud ar bith eile? Here you are. Would you like anything else?

Colm again says the minimum, stating only what he wishes to buy

whereas Róisín takes the opportunity of showing the examiner that she knows how to thank the shopkeeper, and she uses more fluent language to express what she wants.

3. Cinnte. Sin punt agus nócha pingin, le do thoil. Surely. That's £1.90 please.

Colm answers the question very briefly; the examiner could think that he does not have the vocabulary to offer any more information.

Róisín extends her answer and uses a better range of vocabulary.

4. Agus seo do bhriseadh. Slán leat. And here's your change.

Colm's answer is short and somewhat abrupt;

He could easily have offered his thanks and shown the examiner that he was able to do this. Róisín is polite and thanks the shopkeeper and even uses her name! She gives the impression of being very comfortable with the whole situation and very much at ease with using the Irish language in a natural way.

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