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Presentation structure: Peter Canavan


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    This Test Bite will give you practice in creating and structuring a presentation about a famous person

    Presentation: Famous person

    Now create your own presentation about a famous person of your choice.

    Remember that a good way to structure your presentation so you include a variety of tenses plus an opinion is to start with 'Tús' ('start' - introduction), then talk about 'Inné' ('yesterday' - the past), 'Inniu' ('today' - the present) and 'Amárach' ('tomorrow' - the future), before finishing off with 'Deireadh' ('end' - an opinion).

    These section titles will help get you started. Make full use of the vocabulary below - copy and paste, or select and drag, the vocabulary into the boxes.


    • Tá suim agam sa/i ... - I'm interested in ...
    • Beidh mé ag caint ar ... - I will be talking about ...
    • Peileadóir - footballer.
    • Ceoltóir - musician.
    • Áine an t-ainm atá uirthi - she is called Áine.
    • Tá sé ard - he is tall.
    • A shúile - his eyes.
    • A chuid gruaige - his hair.


    • Bhí sé - he was.
    • D'imir sé - he played.
    • Bhain sé - he won.
    • D'fhoghlaim sé - he learned.
    • Chaith sé - he spent.
    • Mar shampla - for example.


    • Faoi láthair - currently.
    • Tá clú air - he is famous.
    • Gach lá - every day.
    • Go minic - often.
    • Sciliúil - skilful.
    • Díograiseach - dedicated.
    • Ábalta - able.


    • Beidh sé - he will be.
    • Ní bheidh sé - he will not be.
    • Is féidir nach mbeidh sé - he may not.
    • Sílim gur mhaith leis... - I think he would like (to)...
    • Ar an bhliain seo chugainn - next year.
    • Áfach - however


    • Is maith liom - I like
    • Is breá liom - I love
    • Is fuath liom - I hate
    • Ach - but
    • Sílim go bhfuil sé ar fheabhas - I think he is excellent.
    • >An-sásta - very happy.


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