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The main political and social challenges facing America


The USA today is a multicultural and multiracial society and this is because a large number of people migrated there, mostly from Europe. More than 40 million people had arrived by 1919. As a result, there was a mixture of people from different races, cultures and religions living in America and speaking different languages. The term for this was the Melting Pot [Melting Pot: A term coined in the 1870s to describe people from different countries ‘blending’ together and following a similar culture. ]. At the end of the nineteenth century, the USA encouraged immigration and wanted more people to come and live there. The USA faced many problems as a result of this new influx of people, including social problems and organised crime.

Why did immigration become such a major issue in American society?

Was America a country of religious and racial intolerance during this period?

Was the 1920s a decade of organised crime and corruption?

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