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Was the New Deal a success or failure?


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This Revision Bite will help you think about the ways in which the New Deal was a success and how it could be deemed a failure.



  1. Roosevelt restored confidence in the American people.
  2. Millions of people were given work in government projects.
  3. A lot of valuable work was carried out by the [Alphabet agencies: US government agencies - with shortened names such as PWA, TVA - that were founded to create jobs and provide services to help recovery from the Great Depression. ] in building schools, roads and hospitals.
  4. Roosevelt rescued the banking system from collapse and saved capitalism.


  1. There was a new recession - the 'Roosevelt recession' in 1937.
  2. Unemployment was not conquered by the New Deal.
  3. Many of the jobs created by the New Deal were only temporary.
  4. The New Deal was the most costly government programme in American History and some of its projects could be accused of wasting money.


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