Modern World History


World War One and Two
Causes of World War One, Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, Road to World War Two
The Cold War
Causes of the Cold War, Developments in the Cold War 1948-1961, Cuban Missile Crisis, End of the Cold War
Britain 1905 - 1975
1905-1918, 1918-1951
Germany 1918 - 1939
Weimar, Nazis
Russia/USSR 1905 - 1941
Revolutions, Bolsheviks, Stalin
USA 1919 - 1941
1920s, 1930s
Vietnam 1954 - 1975
How the US got involved, the war in Vietnam, the US gets out, after the Vietnam war
Northern Ireland 1965-85
Terence O'Neill, NICRA, British Army August 1969, paramilitaries and political parties, suspension of Stormont 1972, power-sharing and Council of Ireland, Anglo-Irish agreement, history makers, time-line, exam tips

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