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How to answer questions


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Daily routine

The pages that follow include example questions on different topics and ideas on how to answer them. They are just a guide, this is your chance to talk about your interests.

Here is a list of useful questions and vocabulary to help you prepare for your Controlled Assessment on your 'daily routine'.

You could talk about:

  • What time you do things, eg get up, go to school and come home.
  • Everyday things, eg what you have for breakfast, getting dressed, cleaning your teeth, doing your homework, reading a particular book or watching TV.
  • Your school timetable.
  • What you like and dislike doing, and why.

Controlled Assessment questions on the subject of 'daily routine'

QuestionEnglishUseful vocabularyEnglish
Wann stehst du auf?When do you get up?Ich stehe um ... Uhr aufI get up at…
Was machst du, wenn du aufstehst?What do you do when you get up?Ich...
  • dusche mich
  • ziehe mich an
  • putze meine Zähne
  • have a shower
  • get dressed
  • clean my teeth
Was isst du zum Frühstück?What do you eat for breakfast?Zum Frühstück:
  • esse ich...
  • trinke ich…
  • meistens
  • Manchmal esse ich auch…
For breakfast:
  • I eat
  • I drink
  • usually
  • Sometimes, I eat…
Wie kommst du zur Schule?How do you get to school?
  • Ich laufe
  • Ich fahre mit dem Bus/Rad
  • Mein Vater fährt mich
  • I walk
  • I go by bus/bike
  • My father drives me
Was machst du nach der Schule?What do you do after school?
  • Ich mache meine Hausaufgaben.
  • Ich spiele Computer.
  • Wenn ich Zeit habe, …
  • I do my homework.
  • I play on the computer
  • If I have time I…
Spielst du ein Instrument?Do you play an instrument?Ich spiele:
  • Klavier/Geige
  • Schlagzeug
  • Gitarre
I play the:
  • piano/violin
  • drums
  • guitar
Hilfst du im Haus?Do you help in the house?Ich muss:
  • staubsaugen
  • abwaschen
  • das Bett machen
I have to:
  • hoover
  • wash up
  • do my bed
Wann gehst du ins Bett?When do you go to bed?
  • Ich gehe um ... Uhr ins Bett.
  • Am Wochenende gehe ich später ins Bett.
  • I go to bed at…
  • At the weekend, I go to bed later.


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