Listening: foundation
My family, finding your way, daily routine, holidays abroad, different jobs, technology, relationships and children, health and unhealthy lifestyles, and free time activities.
Listening: higher
Travelling to Germany, mobile phones, daily routine, holidays abroad, telephone messages, being environmentally friendly, technology, relationships and children, healthy and unhealthy lifestyles, and free time activities.
Reading: foundation
Public signs and notices, postcards, signs and notices at work, weather, learning about people, writing about a holiday, finding an email penfriend, being environmentally friendly, and relationships with family and friends.
Reading: higher
Buying from a market, describing where you live, different jobs, a life story, health resort activities, problems facing the planet, pressures and problems at school, and social issues.
Speaking: foundation
Family and pastimes, daily routine, holidays and travel, the world of work, summarising into key points, and use of tenses.
Speaking: higher
Family and pastimes, home and the local area, and boosting your grade.
Writing: foundation
Home town, a past holiday, and shopping.
Writing: higher
Prepositions and case endings, verbs in the perfect tense, and writing a letter of complaint.
Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, clauses and conjunctions, and numbers.
Exam skills
Understanding exam rubric, preparing for the listening and reading, and using a dictionary.
Mock exam

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