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Weather and human activity

Severe weather such as hurricanes and droughts can be devastating to areas and communities. There are measures which can be taken to minimise the impact. Watch this video to find out more.


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Key points

  • The strongest tropical storms are hurricanes, typhoons and tropical cyclones.
  • The intense winds of tropical storms can destroy whole communities. They can also generate abnormally high waves and flood coastal areas.
  • MEDCs have more finance and technology to deal with tropical storms.
  • LEDCs are often less prepared and may rely on aid from MEDCs.
  • Droughts occur when a long period of dry weather leads to severe water shortage.
  • Dams can provide electricity and water but can cause drought downstream. Widespread tree felling reduces the soil's ability to hold water, causing desertification and leading to drought.
  • Droughts endanger peoples' lives through thirst, the spread of disease and hunger as crops die.
  • They also have geographical impacts like forcing people to migrate to new homes.

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