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Urbanisation in MEDCs

Case study: Masdar City in Abu Dhabi

Ariel view of proposed Masdar City masterplans

Ariel view of proposed Masdar City masterplan Credit: Masdar City

Masdar City aims to be one of the world's most sustainable [sustainable: Doing something in a way that minimises damage to the environment and avoids using up natural resources, eg by using renewable resources. ] urban developments powered by renewable [renewable: A resource which is generated from sources which are not finite or exhaustible. For example, wave power, wind power, solar power or geothermal energy are renewable energy sources. ] energy. It aims to do this by:

  • Ensuring a low carbon footprint [carbon footprint: The amount of carbon generated from activities people do. ] during and after its construction.
  • Being completely powered by renewable energy.
  • Reducing waste to as near to zero as possible, through encouraging changes in behaviour and regulating materials which can be present in the city.
  • Leading research and education into sustainable technology.
  • Designing the city streets and buildings to help create comfortable environments reducing the need for air conditioning, heating, and artificial light.
  • Educating three quarters of the 40,000 residents with 5 hours of sustainability education each year.
  • Leading research at its university to ensure the city retains its sustainable identification and leading knowledge in sustainable living.
  • Full pedestrianisation within the city, without vehicles in the space. The transport network would be below ground.

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