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Urbanisation in MEDCs

Brownfield and Greenfield sites

The UK is short of suitable housing. Approximately 3 million new homes are needed by 2030. They need to be built somewhere. The options are using Brownfield sites or Greenfield sites.

Brownfield sites

Derelict pottery factory

A derelict industrial pottery site, due to be redeveloped

  • Are often on disused [disused: No longer in use. ] or derelict [derelict: Neglected or abandoned. ] land.
  • Are more available in the North and Midlands (but most housing demand is in the south east).
  • Are valuable as existing buildings can be split up into more homes on any one site.
  • The site has already been developed so reduces urban sprawl [urban sprawl: The spread or expansion of the urban area into the surrounding countryside. ].
  • Use unsightly areas for building developments, so improves the urban environment.
  • Are found in urban areas, so building housing there reduces demand on car use.
  • Are more expensive to build on as often the land needs to be cleared first (especially if land is contaminated [contamination: When the material becomes impure or unclean. ] from previous industrial use).

Greenfield sites

Housing development

A residential housing development at Priors Park, Tewkesbury, Gloucester.

  • Are sites which have not previously been built on. This includes the greenbelt land around cities.
  • Are cheaper to build on.
  • Are not favoured by environmentalists, as it encourages urban sprawl.
  • will mean that countryside is built on.
  • Encourage commuting and traffic congestion as people travel into urban areas from the countryside.

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