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Photos in geography

Economic activity photographs

Many different types of photo can be used to trigger a discussion on economic activity or development. For example, pictures of factories, banking districts, holiday resorts, or deforestationdeforestation: the process of cutting down a large number of trees in a forest and not replacing them in the rainforest.

What economic activities can you see in the two photographs below? The first picture could be used to discuss primary [primary: The primary sector involves extracting raw materials, rearing animals and growing crops. ] industries and sustainability. The second photograph could be used to discuss urban regeneration and Britain's move to tertiary [tertiary: Providing services and includes retail, tourism, education, health and banking. ] industries.

South Caradon Mine, Cornwall

South Caradon Mine, Cornwall

London Docklands - Canary Wharf

London Docklands - Canary Wharf

When looking at photos of localities, look for evidence of past economic activity as well as current ones. The second photo, although it shows office blocks, is titled 'London Docklands'. You may be able to deduce some of the ways this area has changed in the last 50 or 100 years.

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