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Industrial change in MEDCs

The UK industrial sector has changed immensely in recent years, creating contemporary issues like pollution and job losses. Watch this video to find out more.


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Key points

  • The UK industrial sector has changed massively in recent years. Many industrialised areas have lost traditional manufacturing industries.
  • When there are lots of job losses in an area, the government and EU will often intervene. Incentives such as grants and subsidies encourage industry to locate in areas of high unemployment.
  • Retail industries have undergone big changes. Many shops have moved out of town centres and into retail parks near suburbs. Land is cheaper here, making it attractive to retailers.
  • As a result more people shop out of town than in the central business district, causing shops to close down. Towns can then become derelict and unattractive, putting people off shopping there even more.
  • Pollution can damage humans and other species. It can change local climatic conditions and destroy animal habitats.

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