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Conversation: My house

What's your house like? - Example answer

Comment est ta maison?

What's your house like?

Layla says:

J'habite dans une petite maison. Il y a trois chambres et un jardin.

I live in a small house. There are three bedrooms and a garden.

Stanislas says:

J'habite dans une assez grande maison ancienne où il y a un joli jardin et un petit garage à côté. Nous avons trois chambres et deux salles de bains, sur deux étages. L'année dernière, mes parents ont ajouté une véranda, ce qui est très agréable.

I live in an old house which is quite big and has a nice garden and a small garage next to it. We have three bedrooms and two bathrooms on two floors. Last year, my parents added a conservatory, which is very pleasant.

  • Not only does Stanislas include more details than Layla, but he also introduces the past tense to say what recent improvements were made to the house. He also adds an opinion.

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