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Work experience abroad

Worked answer with examiner's comments



SentenceT/FExaminer's comments
1. Les stagiaires Leonardo logeaient ensemble.TSébastien says that he shared a flat with three other people on a placement ('stagiaires').
2. Il travaillait avec les ordinateurs.TYou knew that 'l'informatique' is Information and Communications Technology. However, don't jump to conclusions! The key word which tells you that Sébastien worked with computers ('ordinateurs') is 'aussi'- 'qui faisaient aussi de l'informatique' - who were also in computing.
3. Il y avait plusieurs stagiaires français.FSébastien realised that he was the only French person there. 'Je me suis rendu compte que j'étais le seul français.' This is a very useful phrase to remember for your writing. 'Je me suis rendu compte que...' ('I realised that...').
4. Sébastien a eu des difficultés avec la langue.TSebastien did have difficulties with the language. To get this right you need to know the expression 'pas mal de' which means 'quite a few.' It looks as if it might mean the opposite, doesn't it? He says, 'il y avait quand même pas mal de problèmes de communication.'
5. Sébastien s'entendait bien avec ses coéquipiers.TYes. Sébastien got on well with his team mates. We know this because he says 'l'équipe était très compétente et pleine de sollicitude.'
6. Sébastien assistait à un cours d'allemand.TDid you know the word 'assister'? It is what we call a 'faux ami', that is, it looks like an English word but does not mean the same as the word it looks like. 'Assister' does not, therefore, mean 'to assist.' It means 'to attend.' And of course, Sébastien attended German classes.
7. Sébastien va faire un autre stage en Angleterre.FLook at the tense! Sébastien says that this is his second placement, and that he had done work experience in England the year before - 'l'année précédente'. Did you get caught out?
8. Sébastien a une vision enthousiaste de l'Europe.TI think you can assume that Sébastienis enthusiastic about Europe, if he says 'Hourra!'

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