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Future plans


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Possibly the best way to improve vocabulary and informal French is by reading a magazine and that's why they are often used in examinations. This will help you understand the contents page of a French magazine.

Future plans

Read the contents list of a French magazine about careers and future plans. Then identify which articles would appeal to the different readers mentioned below.

In an exam you should take about 10 minutes to finish this question.



6Les stages en industrie - une bonne expérience
9Thomas a quitté l'école à 16 ans
14"Je voudrais aller à l'université"
19Qui veut travailler à l'étranger?
23Jobs d'été: qu'est-ce que tu vas faire pendant les grandes vacances?
27Les métiers de la médecine
33Étudier les langues: les avantages
38Sites web utiles

Answer grid

You may want to copy or print the answer grid.


1. I'd like to go to university.
2. I want to leave school as soon as I can.
3. I'd like to find a summer job.
4. I want to do a work placement in industry.
5. I'm thinking of studying languages.


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