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At the airport


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Have you have ever been stranded at an airport waiting for a plane? This exercise will make you think about where you might go and what you might do to pass the time.

Reading question: At the airport

This typical exam question looks at things you might like to do and services that are available to you at the airport. Try to match them up, it should take you about 5 minutes. When you look at the 5 things (1-5) that you want to do, check out the meaning of the first word (eg 'poster' - 'to post'). Each of these words is a verb (or doing word).


Complete the answer grid by matching what you want to do (1-5) with the service (A-H). Roll over the objects for more information.

Answer grid

You may want to copy or print the answer grid.


A faire:Où?
Exemple: Je veux poster une lettre.E
1. Je veux manger des spécialités régionales.
2. Je veux acheter un appareil photo jetable.
3. Je veux changer de l'argent.
4. Je veux voir un médecin.
5. Je veux louer une voiture.


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