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Holidays abroad

Worked answers with examiner's comments


French pupils talk about their holidays.

Look at the grid below. Tick the correct answers (two boxes per person: one for the country and one for the means of transport).

Map of euarope with England, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco highlighted


ABCDEFGHIJKLListen out for:Examiner's Comments
You don't need the extra information about who Laurent is going with. Listen out for the words which will help you to answer this question, and ignore the rest.
Always listen out for clues which will help you to answer the question. There is one word here which sounds very similar in French and in English: "train".
Avoid a trap by remembering that "en car" means "by coach" and that "en voiture"means "by car".
Even if you haven't heard the names of some countries before, you can very often guess them as they sound similar to the English.

If you didn't get all the answers, try going back and doing the question again.

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