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Stressed pronouns - moi, toi, lui…

This Revision Bite will give you practice in using stressed pronouns moi, toi, lui, elle… in French.

Stressed pronouns

Stressed pronouns are pronouns used after prepositions: words like avec (with), pour (for), sans (without), chez (at the house of).

Stressed pronouns include:

  • moi (me)
  • toi (you)
  • lui (him)
  • elle (her)
  • nous (us)
  • vous (you)
  • eux (them - masculine)
  • elles (them - feminine)

The following examples use stressed pronouns:

  • Nous partons avec vous (We're going with you)
  • Il a un cadeau pour elle (He's got a present for her)
  • Je ne voyage jamais sans lui! (I never travel without him!)
  • Elle habite chez toi? (Does she live at your place?)

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