Indefinite adjectives - chaque, quelque

This Revision Bite will give you practice in using indefinite adjectives - chaque and quelque - in French.

Indefinite adjectives

Indefinite adjectives always come before a noun and agree with the noun.

Chaque means 'each' or 'every' but is only used in the singular form:

  • Chaque matin, elle se lève à sept heures (She gets up at seven every morning)

Quelque means 'some' or 'any' (in questions):

  • Depuis quelque temps, il est malheureux (He's been unhappy for some time)

Just add an -s for the plural form quelques, which means 'some', 'a few' or 'any' (in questions):

  • Je passe quelques jours en France (I'm in France for a few days)

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