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English Literature


Michèle Roberts had a troubled relationship with her mother, a major theme of Your Shoes.

Michèle Roberts

Michèle Roberts

The author Michèle Roberts

To understand the context of Your Shoes, it is useful to know something about the author and what may have inspired her story.

Michèle Roberts was born in 1949 in London. She had a strict Catholic upbringing and, as she grew up, came to disagree with the way her religion viewed women. In an interview with the BBC World Service, she said:

"We had to be forgiven for being women before we even began to try to be good, we had to get over having the bodies we had. This really pushed me into wanting to write as a way of opposing what was very constricting, and actually painful, in my life."

Her family disapproved of her writing. In particular, she had a troubled relationship with her mother, although in recent years she has become close to her again. Roberts explores mother/daughter relationships in much of her writing.

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