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English Literature

Emily Brontë: Spellbound


Emily Brontë (1818-1848) was the middle sister of the three most famous sisters in the history of English Literature. (Her oldest sister was called Charlotte; Anne was the youngest; and she had a brother called Branwell). All of them died tragically young.

Charlotte discovered Emily's talent for writing poetry and the three sisters published a collection of poems under the pseudonyms Ellis, Currer and Acton Bell (each sister kept their own initial). They did this to avoid suffering the prejudice against women writers typical of the time.

Emily is best known for her novel, Wuthering Heights. The setting for this novel was the bleak and harsh Yorkshire Moors which she knew very well. Emily was born and bred and lived for most of her short life in Haworth, Yorkshire, where there is now a museum about the family.

She caught a cold while attending the funeral of her brother and it developed into tuberculosis, from which she died, six days before Christmas Day in 1848.

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