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Iago is the other central figure in Othello. In fact he has the most lines of any character in the play and we can make the same sorts of points and evidence as we did for Othello.

The character of Iago

Iago is angry with OthelloCassio has been promoted and Iago ignored
He plans against Othello'I follow him to serve my turn upon him'
He is secretive'I am not what I am'
He seems to hate womenHe says they 'rise to play and go to bed to work'
He manipulates OthelloHe tells Othello to 'forget' that Desdemona was a 'fair woman'
He liesHe invents a story about Cassio talking in his sleep
He is ruthlessHe doesn't mind who is killed because 'Every way makes my gain'
He is cowardlyHe doesn't fight fairly - he stabs Roderigo when he's injured and kills his wife 'from behind' then runs away

There are a number of other characters you might want to look at and the following section gives a brief outline of their characters and relationships.

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