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English Literature

Sample Question


Planning your answer

Have a go at planning and writing your answer away from the computer, before coming back to check your answer against ours. To help you, print off the skeleton answer below and use it as a guide.

Para 1: Introduction - Mrs Birling

  • Explain Mrs Birling's role in Eva's death and discuss whether she is to blame.

Para 2 - Mr Birling

  • Look at Mr Birling's part in the tragedy and comment on the extent of his responsibility.

Para 3 - Sheila

  • Explore Sheila's part and, as before, comment on the extent of her responsibility.

Para 4 - Gerald

  • Now do the same for Gerald...

Para 5 - Eric

  • and for Eric...

Para 6 - Conclusion

  • Weigh up each character's responsibility and decide whether Mrs Birling is more to blame than anyone else.

Once you've completed your own essay, hit Next to compare it with ours...

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