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English Literature

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If you've worked through all the Revision Bites in this section, you'll now have a better understanding of The Crucible. Now for some practice in putting all these ideas together in the exam!


Before you start, gather together all the notes you've made about the context, plot, characters, dramatic effect and themes of the play. Re-read them, and sort out your ideas! Then have a go at this question:


Show how Arthur Miller creates a powerful dramatic effect in The Crucible.

Remember, you are advised to spend 45 minutes on this part of the paper, so divide your time up like this:

  • ten minutes planning your answer
  • thirty minutes writing your answer
  • five minutes checking your answer

Planning your answer

Have a go at planning and writing your answer away from the computer, before coming back to check your answer against ours. To help you, print off the skeleton answer below and use it as a guide.

Paragraph 1: Introduction - different types of dramatic effect

  • Introduce the main types of dramatic effect in the play.

Paragraph 2 - the opening

  • Examine the initial impact of the play upon the audience.

Paragraph 3 - the atmosphere of fear and hysteria

  • Explore in detail some examples of the atmosphere

Paragraph 4 - contrasts of character

  • Explore in detail some examples of contrasts and clashes of character.

Paragraph 5 - the ending

  • Examine the impact of the play's climax upon the audience.

Once you've completed your own essay, move on to the next page to compare it with ours...


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