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Performance Support option

If you've chosen Option d: Performance Support for Unit 3, you'll need to choose an area of theatre-craft to work in. Being a designer involves plenty of creative energy, so do pick something you're passionate about.

In this Revision Bite you'll find lots of tips and ideas for each of the performance support options available.

What are the options?

  • costume design
  • make-up / mask design
  • setting/prop design
  • lighting design
  • sound

With each of these you need to work closely with the group performing the drama. It's important you're in touch with their ideas about what what they want their drama to show.

At first you'll be listening and perhaps offering ideas. Do take notes, so you can chart the thinking of the group as it develops.

It would be good to take photographs of the group working at various stages, as these will show what was happening while you worked out your design.

Research is important. You may have to research historical aspects of the subject, and look at fashion and clothing. Or you may need to look at living conditions in order to create the right light effects - would a hovel be dark, would a Victorian mansion be candle or gas-lit? Or you may want to create some sound tapes to represent traffic noise or rural sounds.

The important thing is always to refer to the  script [script: The text of a play or drama production - usually the script will give suggestions for the setting of the scene and contain direction for the characters ]. The starting point for all your work is the script, and everything you do should support the performance.

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