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The drama medium

This Revision Bite explores the different drama mediums used in drama exploration.

You'll use several of these strategies for your documentary response in Drama Exploration Unit 1 and Exploring Play Texts Unit 2.

There are drama medium video examples and activities throughout this Revision Bite.

Costume, masks and make-up

a student dressed as a japanese geisha

Student in costume and make-up

Costume can be modern clothes, period costume or a fantasy outfit. You may want to wear full costume, or perhaps just wear black, with indications of character as an extra feature. For example, a hat, shawl or jacket could signify character.

Sometimes, in stylised drama, the items of costume are exaggerated - so a jacket could be in very bright colours.

Masks may be single colour, painted, full-face or half-face. They are usually used in stylised work to indicate non-human characters - for example in a Greek chorus, in 'Animal Farm', or in a play with demons.

Make-up functions in different ways. Sometimes it's used to 'age' an actor, or it may indicate a fantasy character such as a fairy in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. At other times it can alter the gender of a character, or communicate a different style of theatre, eg Kabuki [kabuki: A style of theatre, popular in Japan, often featuring elaborate costumes, music and dancing ].

Use the dressing room activity to design and print costumes for your character.


Play dressing room activity.

Remember to check out the costume gallery and the hats, wigs, masks and make-up gallery.

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