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Suggested reading

Suggested reading

Key: M - Male F - Female


  • September in the Rain (John Godber)
  • Twister [Natural Disasters] (Jack Heffner)
  • The Park Bench (Robert Mauro)
  • Barefoot in the Park (Neil Simon)
  • The Diary of Adrian Mole (Sue Townsend)
  • Legalities (Mary Krell-Oishi)
  • Saint Joan (G.B. Shaw)
  • All My Sons (Miller)
  • Educating Rita (Willy Rusell)
  • The Dolls House (Ibsen)
  • Love is a Many Splendoured Thing (Godber)
  • The Corn is Green (Emlyn Williams)
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (T. Williams)


  • Porch [Natural Disasters] (Jack Heffner)
  • Poof (Lyn Nottage)
  • Effie's Buring(Valerie Windsor)
  • One Sunday Afternoon (James Hagan)
  • Skirmishes (Catherine Hayes)
  • Miss Perfect (Mary KrellOishi)
  • Early Blight (Jean McConnell)
  • The Waiting Room (Wendy St John Maule)
  • Machinal (Sophie Treadwell)
  • My Sister in the House (Wendy Kesselman)
  • Wait Until Dark (Frederick Knott)
  • Tartuffe (Moliere)
  • Kindertrainsport (Diane Samuels)
  • A Night Under Canvas (Lisa Hunt)
  • The Ark (Helen Griffin)
  • Far Away (Caryl Churchill)
  • Shout Across the River (Poliakoff)
  • City Sugar (Poliakoff)
  • Hedda Gabler (Ibsen)
  • The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde)
  • With All my Love I Hate You (Linda Marchall)
  • Antigone (Anouilh)
  • Memory of Water (Sheilagh Devonlad)


  • Duck Variations (David Mamet)
  • The Odd Couple (Neil Simon)
  • Divorce (Mary Krell-Oishi)
  • Journey's End (R.C.Sherriff)
  • Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck)
  • All my Sons (Miller)
  • Dog Accident (James Saunders)
  • True West (Sam Sheppard)
  • House of America (Ed Thomas)
  • Flowers of the Dead Sea(Ed Thomas)
  • Dumb Waiter (Harold Pinter)
  • A Night Out (Harold Pinter)
  • Zoo Story (Albee)
  • Up and Under (Godber)


  • Embodiment (Jeremy Hylton Davies)
  • Squirrels (Mamet)


  • Seagulls (Caryl Churchill)
  • Night School (Pinter)


  • Betrayal (Pinter)
  • Norman Conquests (Ayckbourne)


  • The Dance (Mary Krell-Oishi)
  • Top Girls (Caryl Churchill)


  • Blue Remembered Hills (Dennis Potter)


  • Bouncers (Godber)
  • Stags and Hens (Willy Russell)


  • Relics (David Campton)
  • Children's Hour (Lillian Hellman)
  • Stags and Hens (Willy Russell)
  • My Mother Said I Never Should (Charlotte Keatley)


  • Steel Magnolias (Robert Harling)
  • Laundry Girls (Bill Owen)
  • Dancing at Lugnasa (Friel)


  • Glass Menagerie (Williams)
  • All's Fair (Frank Vickery)
  • A Streetcar Named Desire (Tennessee Williams)
  • Blood Brothers (Willy Rusell)
  • Abigail's Party (Mike Leigh)
  • Royal Hunt of the Sun (Peter Shaffer)

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