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Hats, wigs, masks and make-up gallery


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There are lots of different styles of make-up - if you use make-up for your drama, it will depend on the theme and style you're planning. Look through this page for inspiration.

When you're on stage, performing under hot bright lights, you should wear some basic make-up, whether you're a boy or a girl! Heavy foundation is useful for preventing the skin from looking washed-out under the lights, and face powder helps keep shine to a minimum. You may also want to use eyeliner to define the eyes.

Period make-up

White face powder was popular in the 16th-18th centuries, partly to cover up bad skin caused by lack of washing.

a woman with a white face and red lips

Having elizabethan-style make-up applied

a woman with a white powdered face and beauty spot

Actress in 18th-century-style white powder make-up

Everyday make-up

Today, a lot of women (and some men) wear make-up every day, but it's often quite discreet. If your drama is set in modern times, it's unlikely you'll want to go over the top with make-up. Think about your character and their personality before you decide how heavily you want to apply it.

a woman applying natural colour lip gloss

The natural make-up look

actress in heavy foundation thick eyeliner and bright red lipstick

The heavy make-up look

a geisha with a white painted face and red lips

Distinctive geisha style make-up

Some people wear a certain type of make-up to reflect a popular movement (eg gothic style make-up) or profession (eg a Japanese geisha girl).

Other types of make-up

Make-up can also be used to create the look of an injury or bruise, or to create a horror effect.

man with makeup of a bruised eye

Make-up to create the look of a bruise

man with makeup of a cut face with blood pouring out

Make-up to create the look of a deep cut

man being made up to have horror style boils on his face

Make-up to create the look of a horror disease

man with blackened eyes and a white face

Make-up to create the look of a skeleton


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