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Costume gallery

Late 18th-century - early 19th-century fashion

The following images are from the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice The book was first published in 1813.

two women in muslin day dresses

Muslin day dresses

man and women in wedding attire

Wedding attire

three women in high-waist dresses

High waist dresses

man in regimental uniform

Regimental uniform

two wealthy women in evening gowns

Wealthy women in evening gowns

man and women in daywear

Couple in daywear

In the later 18th century women adopted a more loosely fitting dress, known as the chemise, which was inspired by the fashions of ancient Greece and Rome. The dresses were often made of muslin, in plain colours, with a high waistline. This trend continued throughout the early 19th century.

For men, knee-length breeches were replaced by ankle-length trousers, and suits became more fashionable.

Clothing among the wealthy classes during this period became far less flamboyant in style and colour than they had been previously.

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