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Character gallery

Historical characters

Here's a selection of historical characters you might meet in period dramas or texts.

an elderly woman in nineteenth century funeral clothes

An elderly widow from the 19th century

A smartly dress nineteenth century man wearing a top hat

A young businessman (19th century)

an eighteenth century couple wearing fancy clothes and jewelry

An aristocratic couple from the 18th century

A man and woman in scruffy eighteenth century clothing

A working couple (18th/19th century)

an eighteenth century man wearing black clothes

A blacksmith (18th / 19th century)

A man in a suit holding a tray of tea

A butler (19th / 20th century)

an old woman in black victorian clothing surrounded by four young women in black and white maidservant outfits

A victorian housekeeper, with maidservants

a nineteenth century mother holding a baby

A young, perhaps well-to-do, mother with baby (19th century)

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