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Character gallery

If you're developing a drama and are stuck for character ideas, browse through this gallery to see a selection of different character types.

Don't forget to check out the costume gallery for more character ideas.

Modern characters 1

Modern characters refer to the types of people you might meet walking down a street today. Find a selection of different modern characters on this page and the next. The examples provided here are only a small selection of the vast range of characters you can choose for your drama, but they should help you start to think creatively.

Your character can be defined by a whole range of different things, but among the most obvious are:

  • Personality - eg a character with a compassionate personality could work as a charity worker for a living
  • Circumstances - eg a homeless character might be lonely or depressed through having no home.
  • Profession - eg a hotel manager might be strict and highly organised at home and at work.

Characters are often represented in drama by stereotypes [stereotypes: A conventional and standard view of someone or a type of people ], eg criminals are shown as coming from poor backgrounds, hence their need to steal. It's easy to choose stereotypes for your drama, but sometimes it's more interesting to create a character who breaks the mould - a working-class judge, for example, might make people sit up and take notice.

a man wrapped in a blanket sitting outdoors

A homeless man

A man wearing a tracksuit and a gold chain

A 'chav'

two men in sunglasses dragging a third man away

Two gangsters and their victim

An old man being threatened by a hooded youth

A mugger and his victim

A smiling woman holding a charity collection box

A charity worker

An elderly woman wearing hair rollers

An elderly working-class woman

A young woman outdoors wearing warm clothes

A political activist / demonstrator

A fictional British prime minister and his wife standing outside 10 Downing street

A male politician and his wife

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