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Task Two

What to make notes on?

Use this table to help you prepare notes and give you ideas for the written evaluation:

A comparison of theatrical elements


a set consisting of a table with two chairs and a sunny background
  • Type of set:
Naturalistic? Stylised [stylised: An attempt to enhance a scene using unnatural methods ]? Colourful? Atmospheric? Simple? Complex?
  • Did it add to (or detract from) the atmosphere? How? (Give examples.)
  • Was the set in any way surprising? In what way?
  • Were the actors always in/on the 'stage areas'?

a fairy costume with wings
  • Period?
  • Colour?
  • Fabric and details?
  • Did the colours/styles add to the effect of the set? In what way?

a sound mixing deck
  • Was there music?
  • Other sounds?
  • How was sound used?
  • Did it heighten atmosphere or impact?
  • How? When? Give a couple of examples.

two spotlights on a stage
  • Was the lighting 'natural' or dramatic? (Bright / dim / use of colour / use of other lighting devices)
  • At what moments did lighting add impact to the action? Give details.
Characters / characterisation

a girl dressed as an elderly woman with a scarf on her head and a walking stick
  • Who were the characters?
  • Who were the more / less important characters?
  • Were the characters believable?
  • Which of them were strong/weak?
  • Comment on accents, voices, body language [body language: The non-verbal way in which a person communicates their physical and mental state through using facial expressions, gesture and posture ].
Units of action

a man on his deathbed surrounded by people
  • Moments of impact?
  • Most memorable moments? Describe them.

a boy and a girl facing each other talking
  • Naturalistic or stylised?
  • Formal or informal?
  • There are many different registers an actor can use in English - which were used in this production?
  • Was vocabulary understandable? Give examples of dialogue that stood out for you.
Pacing and timing

a man sitting at a table on a darkly lit stage
  • Fast or slow-moving sequences.
  • Were there times when the action was slowed down or speeded up?
  • Why do you think this was? What was the effect?
  • Describe the sequence first.

Director's decisions

a woman sat in a chair with 'director' written on the back


  • Any double casting?
  • How did the actors play their two parts?


  • Which practitioner/style was used?
  • How and where was the style shown ?

a man flying across a stage in a harness

Examiners tip:

You will be allowed to take some notes into your controlled assessment. Your teacher will give you more information on this before the exam takes place. It will be extremely helpful if you make notes throughout the devising process. This will help you remember all of your brilliant ideas and will also contribute to the quality of your written work in the controlled assessment.


Download this diary to help you (PDF file 2.03 mb)

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