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All screen-based publications are likely to need some images. The things to keep in mind when selecting images are:

  • What format is the graphic in? For the eportfolio, you are only allowed to use jpg, png, gif and tif.
  • Are you allowed to use them? If they are copyright images, you will actually lose marks for putting them in (you could email the person who holds the copyright, but this can take months to sort out).
  • Are they the right size? If not, use a graphics package to re-size or crop them.
  • Have you updated your list of sources? Each time you add a graphic to a publication, you should update your list of sources.
  • Can you use some of your own graphics? It's a good idea to create some graphics. This could be with a digital camera or by doing some original artwork on the computer.
  • How much memory do the graphics take up? Remember your eportfolio has a maximum size so keep an eye on individual graphics to make sure they are not too big.
  • Audience and purposeAt all times, make sure the graphic is suitable for the intended audience and purpose.

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