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You need to know how to create your own webpages and how to add images, tables, text, hyperlinks, background sounds, videos and metadata.


Before you start building a website, identify the target audience, purpose, structure and content. Consider all the points in this checklist:

  • Target audience - tailor the website to the different types of people who will use it.
  • Purpose of the website - are you trying to sell something, or to educate and inform? What are the key things people need to locate? They should be placed in a prominent position.
  • Structure - it's vital to consider the website as a whole when you are planning your design.
  • Content - try not to present too much information on each page. People don't like scrolling down to locate the information they are looking for.
  • Accessibility - your website should be accessible [accessible: Easy to access/use. ] to people with disabilities. Consider colour, text size, images and animated content.

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