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Capture video

There are several ways to capture video. You can:

  • film footage using a video camera
  • use footage that is already stored on tape or DVD
  • or use exisiting video clips

Importing your footage

If you are filming with a video camera, you will need to transfer the footage to your computer. You can do this using the Capture option in video editing software.

File menu with "capture video..." selected

  1. Open your video editing software.
  2. Connect your video camera to your computer.
  3. Select File; Import from Digital Video Camera (or File; Capture)
  4. Choose your device and follow the instructions to play and save your video footage into the software.

Importing existing footage

Screenshot of the File menu showing the 'Import into Collections' option highlighted

You may also want to import existing video clips, still images, or sound files into the software to use in addition to your video footage. Most video editing software has an Import function that allows you to do this.

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