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Investigating multimedia products

Marketing and advertising

When marketing [marketing: the process of communicating to customers about a product, attracting new customers, and keeping existing customers. Advertising plays a large part in marketing ] and advertising [advertising: The method by which a good or service is promoted to its potential consumer base. ] a product, it is important to identify and satisfy the end-user's requirements. Multimedia has altered the way products are advertised and marketed, and offered a new marketplace for this activity.

The internet has opened a new area for advertising and marketing. Products are advertised in banners, pop-up windows, links, embedded video, flash movies and more. Whether you're using a website to research a project or just checking your email, adverts are hard to escape.

Most companies that have a website will produce monthly newsletters or regular emails that consumers can sign up to receive. Often customers can choose what products they are most interested in and will then receive news and offers about those particular items.

Many software companies allow customers to download free trials directly from their websites so they can try before they buy. Consumers can read chapters of books online if they want to buy them.

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