Multimedia design


Before designing a multimedia product, ask the following questions.

  • what are the aims of the product?
  • where will the product be used?
  • what information does it promote?
  • what content should be included in the product?
  • who is it addressing?
  • how should users to interact with the product?
  • which computer platform will be used?

The overall design of the product will affect the outcome of these goals. The end-user experience of a product is vital to its success. A good user experience will not guarantee success, but a bad user experience is a quick route to failure.

Target platform and medium

Think about the platform [platform: A platform refers to the architecture of a particular piece of technology (and sometimes software). The most common technology platform is the computer, but more recent platforms include mobile phones, PDAs and game consoles. ] the product will be delivered through to develop a suitable design. Different target platforms have different design needs. A product on a touch-screen terminal would need large buttons for the user to press.

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