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Design & Technology

Social, moral, environmental and legal issues

Social, moral and cultural issues

The designer doesn’t just think about the way that a product will work. They also consider how it will be made and how it will be used. This means that the designer has to be very aware of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to society.

Issues with making products

Most people would prefer the products they want to be low cost and good quality.

One way of reducing the manufacturing costs is using computer controlled machines or robots to make the products. A negative effect of this is that fewer people are employed. A positive effect is that computer-controlled systems create jobs for highly-skilled workers to develop, program and maintain these systems.

Another way of reducing costs is to make products in countries where labour costs are low. Sometimes the conditions for workers in these countries are far below UK standards. Pollution may also be higher. There is also an environmental cost in transporting goods all over the world.

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