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Design & Technology

Systems and production methods

Quality control

Quality control is a specialised type of system control designed to check that a product meets the design specification and quality. Before making a product, the designer decides what quality checks are needed and when they should be carried out.

A high-quality product will:

  • meet the specification
  • function correctly
  • be free of defects
  • satisfy customer requirements

Quality control checklist:

  • does the product meet all aspects of the specification?
  • is the text accurate, spelt correctly, with correct grammar and layout?
  • have the correct shades of colours been used?
  • are the registration marks correct and do they line up?
  • have correct desktop publishing (DTP) layout templates been used?
  • are measurements within the tolerances specified?
  • do parts fit accurately and neatly?
  • does the product work properly and as intended?

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