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Design & Technology

Design activities

The development of a product starts with a design brief [design brief: A set of instructions given to a designer by a client. ] used to create a specification [specification: A statement that tells the designer exactly what the product has to do and what the design requirements are. ]. Circuits are developed using computer-aided design (CAD [CAD: Stands for Computer-Aided Design - the use of computers to assist in any of the phases of product design. ]) and various modelling techniques. Evaluation and testing are carried out throughout the process to make sure that quality standards are being achieved and to identify improvements.

Designing electronic products

Design brief and specification

Products are developed to meet a need. The designer is given a design brief which outlines the need as a problem to be solved.

The designer investigates the need in detail to produce a design specification. This is a list of all the requirements of the product. It should contain details of the functional and design features of the finished product, as well as information on weight and size, maintenance, cost and safety. The specification for an electronic product should include electronic factors such as component details, maximum working voltages, maximum currents, and temperature or frequency ranges.

The design brief and specification are used to continually test and evaluate the product. This ensures that the product meets the needs of the customer.

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