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Art & Design

How to draw

Drawing from primary or secondary sources is a good way of researching your theme. You need to look carefully at the subject to make sure you draw what you see. You can experiment with different drawing media and drawing techniques.

Getting started

Most projects start with collecting information from first-hand experience, and drawing is a good way to record this. You can draw primary sources, like objects, people and places, or secondary sources such as photographs.

Drawing materials

Pencils, pens, coloured pencils, charcoal or graphite can all be used for drawing. You can also use more unusual things like the end of a paint brush. Try different drawing media to see what suits your style best.

Pencils are available in a range of grades, from 2H (hard) to 2B (soft). You should use a range of pencils to show different tones.

Choose what you are going to draw with carefully - it doesn't have to be an HB pencil

Looking at your subject

The more you look at your subject matter, the better your drawing will be. When you are making a closely observed drawing spend more time looking than you do drawing. Remember to look carefully at:

  • edges
  • spaces
  • relationships between objects
  • light and shadows
  • the whole

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