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DynaMo introduces dynamic learning - a new way for children to learn using television programmes, videos, books and the Internet.

Each part of the service provides fun educational games, ideas and things to do that complement and support children's work at school. DynaMo encourages children to put learning into practice and helps them to develop key skills in literacy, numeracy, science and history.

For children

For parents

The television programmes are not currently available but you can search for other useful TV and Radio programmes and websites in the BBC Schools Programme Guide.



Internet for children

DynaMo's Den

Help with words and numbers - a wide range of interactive games and stories for 5-9 year-olds, hosted by DynaMo, and activities and games to print out and use at home.

Dynamazing Games
The games have:

three levels of difficulty
tips for parents on how to get the most out of each activity

Spellbound: a timed spelling game
Clockwise: a game using analogue and digital times
Matching Time: a memory game using general knowledge facts about time
Money Snap: recognising coins and their value
Bargains Galore!: recognising coins and their value
Splat!: DynaMo's quiz challenge
Gleep and the Tall Tree: an animated story for 5 to 7 year-olds
Josie and Gleep in Who's Spooking Who?: an animated story for 7 to 9 year-olds

DynaMake and Do
20 word and number games and activities to print out and try.

5 to 7 year-olds

Number games
Order Order
Too Big - Too Small
Three Plates
Only Two Coins
How Many in the Bag?
Word games
Pub Feet
Logo Looking
Making Up Rhymes and Songs
Supermarket Finders
Colour Lists

7 to 9 year-olds

Number games
Away from Eleven
Number Bonds
What's the Mystery Number?
Find the Pair
Word games
Three-Letter Words
Letter Strings
Syllable Search
Alpha Spy
Spot the Apostrophe

DynaMo's Lab

Games, experiments and activities to help 5-9 year-olds with science.

Where Do I Live?
Identifying animals and their environments.

Odd One Out
Recognising living and non-living things and different animal 'families'.

Science Splat!
A multiple-choice quiz challenge.

DynaMake and Do
15 experiments and activities to print out and try, linked to the DynaMo Science TV programmes.

Make your own fingerprints
Make a Feely bag
The taste test

Plants and animals
Find out how plants use water

Light and sound
Make a shadow DynaMo puppet
Make a periscope
Make a glass xylophone
Make a yoghurt pot telephone
Hide and seek
Mirror writing

The rice race
Make a model see-saw

What makes what?
Make your own ice-lollies
The dissolve test

Internet for parents

Books: book lists, book reviews and tips for choosing books
Contacts: a comprehensive list of useful contacts
Game Ideas: fun, educational games and activities from DynaMo's Den and DynaMo's Lab to print out and play together
Letters: advice on parenting problems from parents themselves
Questions and Answers: an archive of frequently asked questions about childrens' education
Links: other home learning and parenting websites

Activity books and videos are available in high-street stores or direct from the BBC on 01937 541001, Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm (95 pence p&p will be charged on telephone orders). Please quote the product code when placing your order.


There are eight colourful activity books with games, jokes and puzzles, making literacy and numeracy active and enjoyable. Each activity book contains a hard-wearing laminated games board with two games to pull out and play, plus a page of DynaMo stickers!
Title Age Code Price
Read and Spell with DynaMo 5-7 463759 £3.50
Writing with DynaMo 5-7 463767 £3.50
Numbers 1-20 with DynaMo 5-7 463783 £3.50
Numbers up to 100 with DynaMo 5-7 463791 £3.50
Read and Spell with DynaMo 7-9 463856 £3.50
Writing with DynaMo 7-9 463864 £3.50
Tables with DynaMo 7-9 463880 £3.50
Money with DynaMo 7-9 463899 £3.50


There are six videos, covering Numeracy, Literacy and Science. Each one runs for approximately one hour and contains carefully selected material from the television programmes.
Title Age Code Price (inc. VAT)
Reading and Writing with DynaMo 5-7 463775 £9.99
Numbers 1-10 with DynaMo 5-7 463805 £9.99
Science with DynaMo 5-7 474475 £9.99
Reading and Writing with DynaMo 7-9 463872 £9.99
Tables with DynaMo 7-9 463902 £9.99
Science with DynaMo 7-9 474483 £9.99

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