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Fiction and poetry to support the Literacy Hour for 5 to 9 year-olds.

Reception: age 5

Year 1: age 5 - 6

Year 2: age 6 - 7

Year 3: age 7 - 8

Year 4: age 8 - 9

Book reviews

Reviews from parents and children.

Choosing books

Where to find good children's books.

Book lists: Fiction and poetry to support the Literacy Hour

These lists give recommendations for good reads for 5 to 9 year olds, either for them to read for themselves or for their parents or carers to share with them.

The lists are laid out by school year and term so that children can read at home books that match the Literacy Hour requirement for that term (e.g. traditional rhymes, stories with familiar settings). A selection of relevant titles for the year group is listed, bearing in mind that each class will contain a range of abilities. Please note that these are only suggestions, and there will be many other books available that would also be suitable. The lists do not include books from reading schemes or sets of materials specifically produced to support the Literacy Hour: only books that should be easily available from bookshops or libraries have been included.

Bibliographic details (publisher, ISBN, price etc.) have not been included: up-to-date information can be obtained by searching for the author and title at one of the Internet bookshops, but if you would like to see the book, go to your local bookshop or library!

The lists were compiled by Hertfordshire Schools Library Service in 1999. If you would like longer versions of the lists or any further information, please contact Julia Skinner, Hertfordshire Schools Library Service, New Barnfield, Travellers Lane, HATFIELD, AL10 8XG Tel: 01707 281630 Fax: 01707 281611 email:

You can also visit the Hertfordshire Schools Library Service website at for more information. (The BBC is not responsible for the content of this site.)

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