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Learning Outcome

All the games are designed for children aged 5-7, who are studying at key Stage 1 level.

A Step Back in Time!
This activity has been created for children to read in conjunction with their parent/guardian. Aimed at key Stage 1 children it encourages children to develop a knowledge and understanding of people and changes in the past. It also develops children's historical enquiry skills. As the user investigates each room, boxes will sometimes appear providing further explanantions for objects in each room.

DynaMo's Show
This engaging game develops childrens understanding of the concept of chronology and the notion of the passing of time. Users are taught to place objects in a chronological order, and see the development of objects over time - in this instance modes of transport.

What Comes From When?
This game encourages children to see history from a local and personal perspective. Set in childrens bedrooms in the 1950s and the year 2000, this game encourages users to compare and contrast objects. The game also assists with childrens understanding of chronology and historical enquiry. The use of personal objects which children see in their day to day life ensures that children start to see history from a personal perspective.

History home