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20 October 2014
Schools Digger and the Gang!

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Lesson Plan English
To take accurate notes; to use adjectives and adverbs to modify nouns and verbs; to investigate the meanings /spellings of a range of prefixes; to discover a range of palindromes; to explore a range of idiomatic expressions; to identify the purpose of a piece of writing.
National Curriculum
KS2 English, Reading / Writing levels 4 - 5.
National Literacy Strategy: Word / Sentence / Text Level work.
Copies of worksheets Word square games , Palindromes, Alphabetical sentences and some graph paper.
Suggest an opening sentence to describe the scene, using as many different adjectives and adverbs as possible. Example: 'The warm sunshine smiled gently down on the silent temple.'
Who can use the greatest number of adjectives /adverbs? Ask pupils to underline adjectives in one colour and adverbs in another.
The Statue is Stolen
Pupils participate in the story by solving puzzles about accurate note-taking and the placing of adjectives in a message.
After completing the online activity, pupils do the worksheet Alphabetical sentences gives opportunities for pupils to extend sentences using adjectives /adverbs.

The Thieves
Pupils follow the story to solve puzzles about note-taking, adverbs and idiomatic phrases.
Pupils work in pairs to write the story of Cinderella as if told by one of the thieves from the online adventure. They should include the phrases: leave it out, burn some rubber, it’s a dead duck, keep mum, leg it, put the mockers on, sorted, and any other idiomatic expressions they know.

In the Maze
Pupils find the missing statue by employing their knowledge of prefixes.
In pairs, pupils complete the worksheet, Word squares. They could go on to devise their own word squares (on graph paper) for longer words that use prefixes from the online story.
Individual Work
After viewing the online adventure, pupils complete the worksheet, Palindromes. They could go on to devise a word puzzle for the maze in the story, with a palindrome as each answer. E.g. It’s a stage in a computer game (Answer: level).
Pupils can also complete the Fun & Games activities Create a comic book and Create a secret code.
Pupils have one minute to compose a set of notes that could have appeared in Sprat’s journal, telling the story of the gang’s escape from the maze.
Ask pupils to share their work and then choose the set of notes that is the most accurate.
Pupils complete the 'try this at home' activity. Make a poster advertising an event at your club or school. Use words that will attract attention and work well with the pictures you have chosen.

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