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20 October 2014
Schools Digger and the Gang!

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Lesson Plan Science
To investigate pushes, pulls and friction; to separate a variety of materials; to note the effects of exercise on pulse rates and to identify different food groups that contribute to a balanced diet.
National Curriculum
KS2 Science, Materials and their properties, Life processes and living things, Physical Processes (Forces and Motion).
QCA Science Scheme of Work: Units 3A, 3C, 4D, 4E.
Worksheets Keeping healthy, What dissolves? and Friction.
Materials to dissolve in hot/cold water: sugar, bath salts, soil, sherbet, gravel. Jug and beakers.
Explain that pupils will be following Digger and the Gang on a roller coaster ride where they will need to use their scientific knowledge to solve a range of problems.
As an example, distribute copies of the worksheet, What dissolves? Work through the activity together, asking for pupils’ predictions. Individual pupils attempt to dissolve the different materials.
Stuck on the tracks
Pupils help Digger and the Gang solve a problem involving pulls, pushes and friction.
After completing the onine activity, pupils complete the worksheet Friction.

Looping the loop
Pupils are challenged to find ways of dealing with a range of different materials that form an obstacle on the roller coaster.
How would pupils separate grains of gold from grains of sand?
Ask them to draw the equipment they would use and describe how they would do it in a sentence or two.

Up and down
Pupils investigate pulse rates and sort foods into different categories. Pupils take their pulses before and after a short period of exercise. How long does it take their pulse to return to normal?
Individual work
Pupils complete the worksheet Keeping healthy and complete the Fun & Games activities Create an outfit and the Music mixer.
Ask pupils 'Can you set a science puzzle for Digger and the Gang to solve?'
Encourage pupils to suggest problems that involve an area of the Science Curriculum not used in an online puzzle, e.g. electricity.
Ask pupils to make a note of any 'try this at home' activities they come across as they use the site. Try rolling a ball on different surfaces. Which surfaces does it move quickest on?

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