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20 October 2014
Schools Digger and the Gang!

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Lesson Plan Maths
To solve number problems; to use 24-hour clock notation; to use a range of different units of measure; to order 4-digit numbers; to use 4 points of the compass to describe direction; to recognise a range of regular solids.
National Curriculum
KS2 Mathematics, Number / Shape, space and measures levels 3 - 4.
National Numeracy Strategy: Numbers & Number System, Calculations, Measures.
Calculators, squared paper. Worksheets Match the times, Calculations and Co-ordinates.
Tell pupils we’ll be following Digger and the Gang on a journey over some mountains. Draw a 10 x 10 grid on the board. Encourage pupils to add items to the grid to show a map of a mountain area, with crags, waterfalls, valleys, caves, etc.
Show pupils how to use co-ordinates to locate different features on this map.
On the trail
Pupils solve maths problems to help Digger and the Gang prepare for their journey, involving the calculation of distances, length of time needed for travel and times on the 24 hour clock.
Encourage pupils to focus on how to solve the problem by asking: 'What number sentence do you need to write?' (e.g. 200 ÷ 8).
Provide calculators if pupils find the working very challenging. When pupils have completed the online activity, the can complete the worksheet Match the times.

Camping out
Pupils solve puzzles to help Digger and the Gang collect supplies and pay for their journey. Again, encourage pupils to focus on how to solve the problem. Provide calculators if necessary. Offline: Pupils use the puzzles from the online activity as a model to devise similar ones for their friends to solve. The worksheet Calculations and investigations supports this activity.

Mountain pass
Pupils accompany Digger and Friends on their journey, ordering 4-figure numbers and using compass directions.
After pupils have completed the online activity, they use the map made in the lesson introduction.
Can they describe a journey around the different features using compass directions?
Individual work
Pupils complete the worksheet Co-ordinates.
They go on to devise a similar puzzle, drawing Digger or one of his pals on squared paper and then calculating co-ordinates of the main features of their drawing.
Can a friend use the co-ordinates to redraw their picture?
View the opening of the story On the trail. Can pupils name the different regular solids used to make the landscape? Can they describe each solid e.g. a cone has 2 surfaces and 1 round face?
Ask pupils to make a note of any 'try this at home' activities they come across as they use the site. Time how long it takes to reach your favourite places, e.g. the shops, your friend's house.

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