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20 October 2014
Schools Digger and the Gang!

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How to use Science
Rollercoaster Adventure
The Rollercoaster Adventure covers the National Curriculum at: KS2 Science, Materials and their properties; Life processes and living things; Physical processes (Forces and Motion).
QCA Science Scheme of Work: 3A, 3C, 4D.
Pupils make a list of different fairground rides. Make the point that all these rides involve forces (pushes or pulls).
Draw a diagram of a roller coaster.
Ask pupils to add arrows to the diagram, showing the different forces at play on a pod moving along the roller coaster (e.g. the push that sets the pod going, the friction between the pod and the rail, the pull of gravity that slows/accelerates the pod at different points).
Suggested questions for class discussion
Ask pupils to list the different foods they might find at a fairground and sort them into healthy/unhealthy snacks. Can pupils devise a fast food menu of their own that would provide a healthy alternative to hot dogs and toffee apples?
If Digger and the Gang didn’t have any oil, what else could they have used to overcome the force of friction? (e.g. polish, soap, grease, wax, graphite from a pencil).
How could you increase the friction on a roller coaster pod? (e.g. add something sticky to the rails, increase the load in the pod.)
Ask pupils to suggest different materials that could form an obstacle to the pod (e.g. chocolate). How would other pupils clear that obstacle?
Ask pupils, when your pulse gets faster, what other changes happen to you? (e.g. you become breathless, red in the face, hotter).
Extension work
Pupils draw a diagram of a fairground ride of their own invention. They should draw labelled arrows showing the effects of the different forces at play.

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