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20 October 2014
Schools Digger and the Gang!

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How to use Maths
Mountain Adventure
The Mountain Adventure covers the National Curriculum at:
KS2 Mathematics, Number / Shape, Space and Measures levels 1 - 3
National Numeracy Strategy: Numbers & Number System, Calculations, Measures.
Ask pupils to describe their journeys to and from school. They should list estimates for the times at which they reach key places. Can they convert these timings to 24-hour clock notation?
Suggested questions for class discussion
When pupils are using the online activity, ask them to make a list of all the different quantities used e.g. capacity, money and distance.
Away from the computer, challenge pupils to convert these quantities to smaller/larger units of measure. E.g. How many hours (or minutes) are there in 2½ days? How many millilitres are there in 8 litres?
Which number operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) should we use to tackle this number problem?
Before working out the solution to this number puzzle, what do you estimate the answer to be?
Extension work
Pupils devise their own buried treasure maps. They compile a set of co-ordinates so that a friend can follow the route to the treasure.

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